Does Social Media Irritate You?

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I have many Hunterdon and Warren county Realtors who don’t like the idea of social media:

“It is a time sucker.”

“I don’t need to see photos of kids every moment I look on Facebook.”

“I am tired of people discussing politics.”

I completely understand why people feel this way.  But, let’s take a step back and look at social media in a completely different light.

When I was a teenager, there was no such thing as the internet, let alone Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. So, every morning I would pick up my parents’ paper while eating breakfast and turn right to the comicsfacebook (growing up with three other siblings, Family Circus was one of my favorites).  My brother, on the other hand, would grab the paper from me and glance only at the sports. Did either one of us read the latest headlines on the front page?  Ummmm….No.  I couldn’t tell you what national event had just occurred, but I certainly could let you know what happened to Garfield that day!

If you’re having a problem with TMI posts (ewwww….do I really need to see you kissing online, AGAIN?!), politics, that annoying 1,000th photo of your neighbor’s guinea pig, then you should learn how to customize social media.  Who needs to look at stuff that doesn’t make you feel good?

You don’t have to unfriend someone on Facebook.  You may actually like that person but just don’t need to read their rant on how much they hate the New England Patriots.  No need for hurt feelings and ‘Unfriending,’ just UNFOLLOW.

So, how do you UNFOLLOW?  When you’re on Facebook, locate the top three dots on the upper right hand corner.  Once you click on those dots, a menu will appear.  Here, you have a few options.  You can SAVE a post, HIDE a post and receive fewer posts like it, SNOOZE a person for 30 days (perfect during an election year!), UNFOLLOW the friend, give FEEDBACK, or receive notifications whenever someone writes something about the post.  Keep in mind, not only can you make changes to what you see about your friends, you can also change the notifications for advertisements and see less of them!

Personally, I like to use Facebook as my newspaper.  I enjoy reading local updates through, Good Morning Milford, and other national publications such as the National Association of Realtors, Cooking Light, and Coldwell Banker Real Estate. If you would like to see more informative sites in your feed first, go to its Facebook page, hover over the down arrow next to FOLLOWING, and click on SEE FIRST.  And there you go!  It is as easy as that to personalize Facebook to become a source for news instead of a cause for irritation.instagram

For those who just don’t have time to read, I would suggest trying out Instagram.  Instagram is social media for the visual follower.  You mostly will just see photos and no more than 60 seconds of videos.  It is easy and simple to use and you typically won’t see the people ranting and raving in the comment section (and please note, I am using the word ‘typically.’)

On a completely different platform, Twitter is for those who want to quickly scroll through phrases.  Tweets can contain links to photos and articles, but it is more for those who want to read about an idea, thought, or event. The posts are simple and succinct. I do use Twitter to discuss my latest listings or open house, but am more of a visual fan.  Therefore, my two favorite sites are Facebook and Instagram.

If you strictly want to remain on the professional level, try LinkedIn.  It is a great source to become educated more about your specific industry and also a place to network and search for job leads.  Remember, this is strictly a professional platform.  I have been yelled at for posting a recent sale on LinkedIn. (Whoops!  My bad!). People take it very seriously.linkdin

Snap Chat?  Ya got me.  Snap Chat is something that my kids are addicted to.  I am still learning but haven’t really had the desire to learn more.  My time is precious; if I don’t get anything out of social media I tend to move on.

All in all, I do think you can use social media as a news source.  Following a few simple steps to customize some of these sites can help you learn more on a day to day basis.  Don’t knock social media; it really can be utilized as a great source for education. More importantly, professionally, as a top real estate agent in Hunterdon and Warren counties, it is essential to know how to market homes on social media!