LOVE LOVE LOVE My Pellet Stove!

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A Cold Real Estate Agent in Holland Township, Hunterdon County, New Jersey

Earlier this week, I absolutely froze while showing a vacant farm home for sale on Church Rd. in Holland Township, Hunterdon County.  I did properly prepare...I put on two pairs of socks (one was wool), wore a hat, my warmest jacket, a scarf and long underwear.  I knew it was going to be cold, but when the temperature reads 13 degrees outside, let’s just say it was a bit chilly inside the home. Brrrr. As a realtor in Hunterdon and Warren counties, I don't remember ever being so cold!

I met this wonderful couple who drove out from Warmister, PA.  They brought in their two adorable children, ages 18 months and 6 weeks (have I ever mentioned that I love babies??)  I couldn’t stop smiling at their round little faces.  And, to boot, they were so good!  But after 45 minutes of walking around on ice cold pine wood floors, I realized I couldn’t feel my toes. Ouch. And as much as we enjoyed touring the home, we all began to get extremely uncomfortable. So immediately following our goodbyes, I rushed home to visit my favorite winter pastime…sitting by the pellet stove. It is during these cold winter months that I absolutely love my family room’s center piece.

Pellet Stove

Not only does a pellet stove heat your home, it also reduces the cost of propane, natural gas and oil. I buy my pellets at a discounted rate in April and they are delivered to my home in mid-August. Thank goodness I have four boys because they’re in charge of stacking them in the basement (gotta love it). I prefer my house to feel tropical, so running the propane at 75 degrees can get quite expensive.  But with the pellet stove, I crank that bad boy up to 80 and enjoy the fact that it heats up my entire first floor and cuts my yearly propane cost in half.  Yes, HALF! Pellet stoves also burn cleanly and efficiently, are easy to maintain, and don’t require a chimney. I never worry about dust!

When we wake up in the morning, the first thing my children do is stand by the pellet stove.  While watching a movie, we all hover around the pellet stove and bask in its warmth.  It is a beautiful feature within our family room and we look forward to the sound of its roaring flame.

Pellet 3

As I show buyers homes and see the perfect room for a pellet stove, I find myself recommending that they look into purchasing one.  Isn’t heating a room, saving money, and creating a beautiful setting a win-win?