Selling a Home in Hunterdon or Warren County

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Selling a Home in Hunterdon or Warren County:

If You’re the Seller, Act Like a Buyer


Even though it is a seller’s market, make sure to properly prepare your home for the New Jersey real estate market. Before listing a house in Hunterdon or Warren County, I ask my sellers to act like a picky buyer. 


When you drive on your property, what is the first thing you see (besides all of this darn snow)?  Tidy up the landscaping, add some fresh mulch to your garden beds, and pick the weeds.  If you see some mold and mildew on the outside of your home, make sure to put your power washer to some use as soon as this weather breaks.  First impressions are important and you don’t want the buyer to start picking apart the home before they even open the front door.


Upon entering the home, make sure everything is organized, tidy, and clean.  I understand that it’s impossible to keep a house looking like a model home 7 days a week.  But, if your carpets haven’t been cleaned in a couple of years and the windows have smudges with the dog’s nose prints, you will want to do a thorough cleaning prior to listing your property.  Clean handprints off the walls or freshly paint your rooms, scrub the grout between your kitchen tiles, and shine your stainless steal appliances.  A few crumbs on your countertop won’t hurt a showing; but the recent drawing on the mudroom door by your three-year-old just may.


As a seller, you want buyers to come into a home and picture themselves living there.  But, how can they do that with your family portraits lining the walls of every room?  You don’t want the buyers spending their time looking at your personal pictures; you would rather that they look around the house.  Take down all portraits and personal memorabilia.  In addition, make your rooms look large and spacious by removing pieces of furniture that are taking up space--ottomans, coffee and end tables, bulky chairs.  Straighten up your closets, organize your office, and clean up your junk drawer.  If you don’t have any storage, rent a storage space or start donating items that you weren’t planning on bringing with you to your new home.


Once a seller has prepared their home, it is crucial to get the list price right immediately.  As sellers, we all think that our house is fantastic.  But, just because you love your home doesn’t mean it’s worth more.  Would you pay $50,000 above recent comparables for a home?  No, you wouldn’t.  And, neither will today’s buyers.  Therefore, it is imperative to list your home competitively.  If not, you won’t be selling it any time soon.


The next time you’re driving home, clear your mind and pretend like it is the first time you have been on your property.  Take a look at the big picture.  Make sure that the outside is presentable, the inside is bright and clean, and that you’ve priced your home to sell.


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